Blue Kyanite Ring

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Blue Kyanite Ring

Blue Kyanite is a stone to adore. If we could all see the world through blue Kyanite eyes, wars would cease and love would rule.

Spiritually speaking, Kyanite is a high vibration stone that aligns the chakras and facilitates rapid exchange of information through channels of higher consciousness. All we need provide is a loving intention and Kyanite will bring her gifts of connection, effortless communication, compassion, and a touch of grace. 

Kyanite has the power to shine loving light into the darkest of places. It is a repellant for negative energy, so much so that it never needs to be cleansed, which is often recommended when using stones and crystals for healing purposes, as most absorb negative energy and must be cleansed between uses. Kyanite can even be used to cleanse other stones.

In this ring, the shimmery blue stone is set in oxidized sterling and accented by three argentium silver balls. Band is textured with a tooled leather texture.

Argentium is sterling with a touch of germanium. Germanium keeps the sterling from oxidizing as quickly.

  • Ring size: 7