Etched Copper Master of Lightning Cuff Bracelet

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 Etched Copper Master of Lightning Cuff Bracelet

A fascinating scientist and evolved human being, Nikola Tesla is known as the master of lightning. He, indeed had a keen insight into the dynamics of electricity. He seemed to have come from another time, and actually held the view that time travel is possible. Since the pattern etched into this copper cuff looks like buzzing electrical currents, I chose to name it after him. Tesla lived his life wanting to share his discoveries and inventions in a way that would benefit everyone. He was, in a sense, a guardian for humanity. It is encouraging to see that perhaps the energy of his pure intention has continued to linger as some of his ideas are being used for humanitarian purposes. 

  • The cuff measures approximately 2 1/4" wide and size is adjustable.
  • Bracelet is oxidized to bring out the texture, and treated with Renaissance Wax to preserve the patina.