Raw Prehnite and Leather Necklace

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Raw Prehnite and Leather Necklace

Healers often prefer gemstones in their raw state since the natural form is optimal for energetic and spiritual healing. If you're interested in maximizing the healing aspects of any gemstone, wear it next to the skin in its natural state. This raw bead necklace is a beautiful display of nature's magnificence in her raw, unrefined form, and it is also a powerful healing tool.

Prehnite is a lovely green hue, and so beautiful in its raw form. The unpolished appearance is quite appealing. 

As far as healing properties go, Prehnite is associated with Raphael, the archangel of healing. It is used to develop intuition, and to bring the wearer into a greater awareness of divine purpose, aiding one in living from the heart. Because it connects us with our deepest, most noble desires, it is said to be a stone of manifestation and magic, clearing the way for us to create what is best for our own wellbeing and the healing of the planet.

This necklace features raw, natural Prehnite connected to a round leather cord with sterling wire; finished with a handmade sterling clasp.

Please select your desired cord length and color.