About Us

Discover your light and shine. The world needs it.

Are you a seeker who approaches life with a spirit of curious playfulness? Do you appreciate the deeper meanings of things? Are you fascinated by the magic of nature, the wonders of science, and the mysteries of spirit? These elements come together in Tula Stone Jewelry to create beautiful jewelry that defines you as intelligent, aware, and evolving. 

Each piece is created with various methods and materials for jewelry that encourages awareness and positive energy. Symbolism, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all things are guiding forces in the design process. 

The name comes from the mythical Tula Stone, also called the blue stone of Atlantis. This legendary stone, representative of the central sun or beating heart at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, is said to have passed through the hands of many cultures and religions and is believed to resonate with higher frequencies of consciousness, bringing humans into an expanded awareness of divine love and joy.

Our aim at Tula Stone Jewelry is to create beautiful jewelry that has meaning and serves to remind those who wear it of the beauty of nature, the wonders of spirit, and the awesome ways in which the mysteries of the universe reveal our connection to everything.