Adjustable Unisex Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli Fidget Necklace

Tula Stone Jewelry

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This unisex adjustable gemstone fidget necklace features five stunning blue lapis lazuli beads in their raw natural form, cleverly attached to an adjustable black leather cord so the wearer can spin to their heart's content. Beautiful, fun and functional!

Anxiety and nervous energy can be challenging to contain! Our fidget jewelry for anxiety is not only stylish and beautiful. It also provides an outlet for some of that energy on days when you're feeling a little amped up or over caffeinated. So, while you don't have to have anxiety to enjoy it, it serves the purpose of helping to alleviate it when you do. Spinner jewelry is also just plain fun to spin!

Leather cord is adjustable from a choker up to 30".

Focal piece measures approximately 1" X 1.5".

Lapis Lazuli was highly treasured by the ancient Egyptians. It's known as a stone of wisdom and the throat chakra. It is one of the traditional birthstones for the month of December.  

You're certain to enjoy this fabulous piece of spinner jewelry!