Balance of Opposites Unisex Bracelet

Tula Stone Jewelry

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the complementary nature of black and silver is accentuated in this thin unisex cuff bracelet, inviting us to celebrate and appreciate the dance of opposites. Every part of nature has a purpose, and when we live with the intention to honor all the parts, we develop a deeper appreciation of the sublime beauty of the whole. 

A thin strip of copper is riveted to roll-printed sterling sheet with argentium silver rivets. The sterling is then polished slightly to reveal the roll-printed pattern and the copper strip remains black with the patina. The bracelet is treated with Renaissance wax to preserve the patina. 

This bracelet can be worn by a man or woman. Choose your desired texture and size.

This item is made to order so please allow 2-4 weeks for production. Let me know if you would like it sooner.

  • Bracelet width: Approximately 1/2"
  • Argentium silver is sterling with a tiny bit of germanium, which keeps it from oxidizing as quickly.
  • Techniques used: piercing, sawing, roll printing, riveting, oxidizing, and polishing.