The Agony And Ecstasy of a Tenacious Truthseeker

The Agony And Ecstasy of a Tenacious Truthseeker

Posted by Tula Stone on Apr 21st 2022

Hi. I’m Tula. I’m a truthseeker who has spent most of my adult life pondering, speculating on and seeking answers to life’s biggest questions. Being a truthseeker is a thrilling quest with exciting discoveries, pitfalls, dead ends, manipulations that spin everything around, upside down, and sideways, and a perpetual process of gathering bits to add to your trove so you can gradually piece together a picture of reality that makes sense to you.

Of course, it’s an exciting moment when several key pieces come together to suddenly reveal a chunk of the big picture. It’s why any truthseeker does what they do… for those scrumptious aha moments when things make a little more sense than they did before. When you go, OMG! THIS is directly related to THAT, and that must mean THESE events were connected to THOSE events, and now I’m that much closer to understanding just what it is that’s really happening on this deeply mysterious, amazingly beautiful, and tragic planet we find ourselves cohabitating.

I must say, the number of rabbit holes to find oneself exploring on a quest for truth seems to have multiplied exponentially in the last few years. And, while the state of the world is not the most positive at the moment, the bright side of things is that we have no hope of changing anything unless and until we know what needs to be changed.

This is the time of revelation. And things have to be revealed before they can be healed.

But how can we know if what is being revealed is true? That is the eternal quandary for us truthseekers. We’re always having to question things. Always willing to abandon something we maybe would have sold our souls for yesterday. Our skepticism and open-mindedness are among our best assets and our most exasperating qualities.

Some people are afraid of the truth. Others are driven by it. If you are of the second variety, then we are kin. Welcome to my quest. Let’s ponder together. You bring your pieces. I’ll bring mine, and together we will build the truth of our greatness… at least enough of it to help us ascend out of this matrix of lies.

It’s sad because there is so much suffering and people not living authentic lives full of joy and peace, love and mutual respect, but instead worried more about how they look on Instagram than whether they are truly fulfilled. There are people barely getting by financially because we have based the foundation of our culture on the completely made-up concept of money and a system that tricks us into going against our true nature, and then pretending to be happy about it.

If everyone were as happy as they pretended to be, pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be making so much money on anti-depressant medications.

Pardon the seeming negativity. However, those who might find that last bit negative or offensive have likely abandoned this article already. If you’re still here, and you understand why acknowledging the depth of the deception we have been subjected to is not “being negative,” perhaps we have come to the planet for the same mission, the same goal… to save it.

The goal of a truthseeker is not to find dirty awful things to drag out into the daylight and shove in everyone’s face. The goal of THIS truthseeker at least is to find my way back to the truth of our intended magnificence. That would be the magnificence of me, of you, of all people and all beings. That requires muddling through some muck.

Any resonance? If so, thank you for being. I’m glad you’re here.

So I’d like to set forth clearly that truthseekers are generally not negative. I have my days, like everybody. And I won’t get into the unpleasant details here, but I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression in my life. But being depressed is not the same as being negative. A lot of the depression actually stems from a deep knowing that we (humanity, that is) have SO MUCH more potential than we are living up to. That we, in our intended state, are magical beings full of light and love with bodies that function perfectly because they operate with full knowledge and understanding of the higher realms and the powers they have access to from there. That is a positive thing.

Recognizing human potential and feeling sad that we are so far removed from it is positive, really. Because I see what we COULD be. What we have the potential for within us at this very moment. We are glorious, luminous beings who have access to much more power and ability than we know, and certainly more than most of us are exercising. We are beings who are capable of doing with the marvelous technology of our optimally functioning human bodies what most would call magic or miracles.

As a truthseeker, I don’t often use the word believe. For someone who recognizes how much they (along with everyone) have been deceived, believing something requires a lot of… well many things. Something I do choose to believe though is that we are going through a collective ascension and/or descension process right now. And that each of us has a free will choice to decide which way we’ll go. Maybe we decided before we incarnated here at this particular time.

For those of us who find ourselves making a conscious choice to seek truth and take the path of ascension, a key quality that must be developed is discernment. Evolution and the nature of our destiny compel us to develop higher levels of perception, to come into alignment with our inner knowing so we can no longer be manipulated and lied to by beings who do not have our best interests in mind, to say the least.

The path of discovery and development of higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and understanding of the REAL TRUTH of who we are and how the world works is what I will be exploring on this blog. I will bring you all the exciting things I find along the way. In fact, I already have some in mind. So stay tuned.