The Kybalion and The Universal Principles: Mentalism

The Kybalion and The Universal Principles: Mentalism

Posted by Tula Stone on May 9th 2022

The principles of truth are seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open…… The Kybalion

An intriguing discovery I have made in my truthseeker quest is a little book called The Kybalion. It outlines seven universal principles describing the origin and operations of our universe. These principles are a bit like the scientific laws of gravity, magnetism, and other phenomena that are easily observed and verified with our five senses. For instance, we can see an apple fall to the ground when it is dropped; we can feel the force that pulls two magnets together or pushes them apart. 

The difference in the seven principles laid out in The Kybalion is that they are not as easily demonstrated in our physical reality. And we have been taught by our culture that things that cannot be verified and corroborated by the five senses are not real.  

One thing I have come to understand is that this could not be further from the truth. In fact, I believe the opposite is actually true. Our physical reality is an illusion. A hologram. This has been stated in many ancient texts and philosophies. And many of the things we have been taught are not real are more real than the things we believe are real.

Essentially, the seven principles outlined in The Kybalion describe the fundamental nature of our spiritual reality in much the same way that laws like gravity describe the mechanics of our physical world. And we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, which means spirituality and the spiritual world came first. So, to me this all makes perfect sense.

Let's explore the first and foundational principle to get a better understanding of how this all works.

The All is mind. The universe is mental…. The Kybalion

The capstone of The Kybalion's seven principles is the principle of MENTALISM, which assumes the substance that creates and sustains our entire reality is consciousness, and the source of that consciousness is God. So I, you, and everything we see exists within the mind of God (source, creator, or whatever you want to call it). This source of all existence is referred to as THE ALL in the Kybalion.

It circulates through human minds, looks through human eyes, interprets the world through human forms. And it knows itself as 


Most people operate in the world as if they are an effect, believing that everything they see around them and everything that happens to them is beyond their control. But the principle of mentalism says something entirely different.

The Principle of mentalism tells us that, by sheer essence of the fact that we are conscious, we are actually operating in the realm of CAUSE, not effect. WE are the CAUSE of everything we see around us. Consciousness is the force that operates all other forces, i.e., energy, power, and matter.


It's helpful to realize that consciousness, not matter, is the substance of reality. This is corroborated by the fact that everything that comes into the world of physicality originates as a thought in someone’s mind. Nothing we see simply appears before us out of nowhere. It has to be first conceptualized through the vehicle of mind. 

Matter is just one of the innumerable forms that consciousness can arrange itself into.

Mind has various modes of operation that manifest as different frequencies, which are experienced as different levels of consciousness. The supreme degree of consciousness in the vast sea of vibratory frequencies is the source of all creation is, to use The Kybalion's terminology, The All. It is the mind from which all thought and matter originated.

The higher the vibrational frequency of our consciousness, the closer we are to the level of this original source vibration (the original thought/intention of the manifest world). This means as we engage in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that raise our vibrational frequency, and become more resonant with the original source frequency of creation, AND we become better equipped to manifest our desires in the physical world. This is in part because we are able to attract and/or generate new, more innovative, and intelligent (high-vibrational) information through our resonance with higher levels of consciousness. 

It's like "tuning in" to higher realms of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding by adjusting our frequency to receive “data” traveling on ever-present vibrating waves of multi-dimensional consciousness that make up the substance of all reality. 

See if you can play with this concept and feel into the truth of it. Can you get onboard with the idea that the substance of existence is consciousness instead of matter? Have you had any experiences that seem to fit into this way of thinking, like synchronicities or other occurrences that seem otherwise unexplainable?