Equality... Textured Sterling Spinner Ring

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Equality... Textured Sterling Spinner Ring

We love making jewelry with meaningful messages at Tula Stone Jewelry.

The circle pattern on both the inside and outside of this fidget spinner ring is symbolic of the unity of life. We all exist together in one single system. The two spinners represent the symbol for equality, reminding us that every part of the whole has an equal right to exist, simply because it does.

 Ring is approximately 5/16" (8 mm) wide.


Anxiety and nervous energy can be challenging to contain! Our fidget jewelry for anxiety is not only stylish and meaningful; it also provides an outlet for some of that energy on days when you're feeling a little amped up or over caffeinated. Spinner jewelry is also just plain fun to spin, even when you're a grown up. That's why we made this fidget spinner ring for adults.


You're certain to enjoy this stylish and meaningful fidget spinner ring!