Mother and Child Melting Heart Hoop Earrings

Tula Stone Jewelry

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These mother and child melting heart earrings are a sweet gift for any mother. The large one measures approximately 70 X 35 mm (1.5" X 3" ), and the smaller one is approximately 40 X 25 mm (1.75" X 1" ). They are available in sterling, 14K gold fill, or 14K rose gold fill. Earrings are worn like a hoop, with the larger half of the heart going through the ear.

Length and shape may vary slightly due to handmade nature.

Gold fill demystified: Gold fill has many layers of 14K gold permanently bonded to a base metal core (50-100X thicker than gold plating), giving it a greater degree of wearability than plated gold. Gold-fill is where the luxury of gold meets affordability... and it doesn't rub off.