Let's get reacquainted (or, if this is your first visit, hello)...

Let's get reacquainted (or, if this is your first visit, hello)...

If you are a returning customer, you must be a fan of my handmade jewelry, so thank you for your support and loyalty, and bless your soul and spirit. This mystical fire in my heart is still burning, and I hope yours is too! 

Are you a Lyran starseed? I think I might just be… but let’s not go that deep just yet.

You will certainly have noticed by now that my website looks different. That’s because I decided to switch from Big Commerce to Shopify. It honestly was not the best time to make that change for me, but I knew I was going to make the switch eventually, and ​​it was annual payment time. 

So here we are.

It’s a bit of a skeleton crew of collections and pieces around here for now, but that will be ever-changing as I move forward in the new “skin.” 

The Mystical Fire Still Burns

A lot has changed in my life, mind, and heart over the past few years. I’m certain some (if not all) of you can relate. It’s a changing world; that’s undebatable. 

On top of the tumult of global pandemonium, I moved from Colorado back to my home state of North Carolina in September of 2019. MANY challenges arose with that move. Some related to the chaos of the world, some related to the chaos of coming home to a place I ran away from 18 years earlier, and some (most, actually) related to the chaos of my own mind.

All of those life catalysts are still alive and well. But the show must go on.

So here we are.

The recent years of upheaval have coaxed me back into a realm I thought I had left behind. When you’re a seeker of truth, the realms of science, spirituality, and nature always hold intrigue, but there were some parts of the quest for truth I had decided to leave alone. I had found few companions whom I was able to discuss such matters with without causing resistance. So, feeling helpless to do anything about the horrors and atrocities I had discovered in my trips down the rabbit holes of third dimensional reality, and not wanting to ostracize myself from the few people in my life I called friends, I closed and locked those doors, hoping to live my life out like most of the people I was surrounded by, enjoying the simple pleasures, making a living, and watching Netflix. 

One of the best tools I found to facilitate the abandonment of those uncomfortable spaces was the cult of Bnei Baruch. Of course, I didn’t see it as a cult in the beginning. But in retrospect it’s glaringly obvious that’s what it was. But it kept me busy. And I was there for it— even though I was having serious doubts for the last half of my time with the organization. 

I know there is a reason for everything, and one of the reasons for that chapter in my life was the beautiful people I met. And, while I can’t say this for everyone in the organization, there were a few people I felt a strong connection with. That’s what kept me in the fold for TEN YEARS (crazy to think about).  

Something that was always puzzling to me about BB is that the teacher was staunchly against meditation. Because of that, I stopped practicing meditation, which I had been doing off and on prior to joining. This lack of quiet, contemplative time to connect with source energy and the divine spark within, gradually raise my frequency and expand into universal consciousness was most certainly a contributing factor to the mind chaos that built to a crashing crescendo in the midst of global and personal strife. The time I spent with the “studies” also meant less time in nature, which was one of the most therapeutic parts of living in Colorado.

So, while it was traumatic saying goodby to my Kabbalah friends (and I do still miss a select few of them), there was never a question about whether it was the right decision. 

For the past several months, I’ve been meditating every day, along with yoga, and ice cold morning showers, (as crazy as that sounds), and Wim Hof breathing (look into it if you’ve never heard of Wim Hof). I’ve found a wonderful teacher (and online community) that resonates deeply with my soul and spiritual aspirations. I have begun to make my way out of the deep, dark hole of sooo much pain and inner turmoil that brought me to my breaking point. There was a point where I truly was not sure I was gonna make it! 

The Unfolding Path of A Modern Mystic

Spiritual growth and evolution have always been on the top of my list of values, and that has only become more clear over the past few years. I’m happy to have a creative medium where I can express and share the things I hold dear, because creative expression is one of my top values as well.

As I move into this next phase of life, I plan to incorporate more of my spiritual learning into my business. I even have some ideas for creating beautiful things besides jewelry, like healing tools for the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate and enhance the ascension process.

Let’s move on up brothers and sisters. It’s time to find a higher vantage point.

So, stay tuned for updates and new material. And if you’re a spiritually motivated modern mystic like me, you’ll hopefully enjoy my musings, as I plan to write about my adventures in consciousness and healing here as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to get acquainted (or re-acquainted). I’m happy all of you have made it this far (in this blog post and in this lifetime on this planet). Stay tuned. Don’t give up. Keep seeking your highest expression. You are here for a reason.

Here we go!


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