Adriane Laws, truthseeker, science and nature lover, healer, creative visionary, maker, and founder of Tula Stone Jewelry. 

Hi! I’m Adriane, creator of Tula Stone Jewelry. Let me introduce myself and tell you how this business came to be...

Two things I get excited about are pondering life’s mysteries and the creative process. 

I am a truthseeker, curiously wandering down the avenues of human existence, taking detours, going down rabbit holes, and trying to figure out why things are the way they are– always with the intention of making the world a better place by becoming a better version of myself.

I have a creative spirit. I enjoy building, sculpting, playing with different media and materials, and putting things together in new and creative ways.

It all comes back to my desire to understand (really, innerstand).

I want to understand myself, other people, animals, plants, air, water, biology, chemistry, mathematics, consciousness, the nature of reality… I want to understand EVERYTHING!

Making jewelry is a fabulous outlet for my creative and curious mind. I love the problem-solving aspect of developing different designs. I love the creative process of bringing those designs to life. And I love incorporating spiritual concepts and ideas into my pieces.

My Introduction to Jewelry Making

My introduction to jewelry-making came when I found a spool of aluminum wire while organizing my father’s belongings after his death. I used it to create little sculptures, and eventually, I bought some copper wire and started making earrings. Playing with different metals and wire gauges led me into the world of wire wrapping. It was exciting because I enjoyed weaving, bending, and twisting wire—  and also because it gave me an excuse to buy and learn about gemstones. 

Did I mention how much I love science and nature? 

In case you didn’t surmise already, I am a science nerd. I’ve spent much of my life teaching fun science to kids (and adults) and delving into different fields of study, from quantum mechanics to organic gardening. Science is one of the avenues that helps me make sense of the world.

My love for the natural sciences originated in childhood, including my interest in rocks and gemstones. My grandmother had a whole room in her house dedicated to the beautiful gemstones and rocks she collected. She was always looking on the ground for quartz, garnet, arrowheads, or some other exciting specimen in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I grew up. Other sources of nature appreciation were regular walks in the woods with my dad, where we played with crawfish and periwinkle, collected tadpoles and watched them morph into frogs, picked wild fruits and berries, built nature huts, made friends with random bugs, birds, snakes, trees, flowers, and other wondrous creatures, and gathered natural clay from the creek bank for sculptures.

And then there’s my mother’s vegetable and herb garden, which continues to be an annual wonder (don’t expect to visit her during the growing season without being offered something juicy and delicious from the garden). She also has a knack for growing beautiful flowers. Some of her favorites are roses, irises, snapdragons, and cock’s combs, but there are many more!

Rocky Mountain High

While I had been interested in personal growth and healing before, my move to Colorado in 2002 began my serious inquiry into self-discovery and the nature of consciousness— as well as some other fun and fascinating subjects. 

My original reason for moving to Colorado was to learn about natural (i.e., original and authentic) healing modalities. I studied subjects such as herbology, acupuncture, chakra balancing, homeopathy, shamanism, organic gardening, guided imagery, meditation, and yoga (among others). Learning is an ongoing process, so my education did not end with formal instruction.

Colorado is also where I took my first metalsmithing class, signifying the exciting beginning of my exploration of traditional metal fabrication techniques. 

Here is a short list of techniques this exploration has thus far included:

  • Various stone-setting methods 
  • Riveting
  • Acid etching (several methods and metals)
  • Salt-water etching
  • Fold forming
  • Fusing 
  • Roll-printing and other forms of metal texturing
  • Precious metal clay forming and firing

All this metal play led to the creation of Tula Stone Jewelry when a string of fateful events awakened me to the universe’s prompting. I decided to heed the call and create a business with this jewelry-making art that had become a source of inspiration, fun, and satisfaction. And even though I had been giving jewelry away to friends and family, it was starting to pile up!

Around that time, I discovered William Henry, an investigative mythologist who’s gone deep into esoteric and ancient mysteries such as the science of human ascension (one of my favorite subjects). 

In Henry’s writings, I learned of a mythical stone that carries the frequency of enlightened consciousness, compelling all who encounter it to awaken to their highest potential.

This stone is known by many names, including The Stone of Destiny, Blue Stone of Atlantis, Stone of Ana/Luz (light), Philosopher’s Stone, and, of course, The Tula Stone (or Stone of Thule). 

The more I read about this stone, the more intrigued I became. It was the perfect name for my business! And so Tula Stone was born.

A Divine Spark 

We can all choose to become better versions of ourselves each and every day. Everyone is capable of rising to higher levels of consciousness. Everyone (and everything) carries a divine spark that travels with them through all the gates, mirrors, and labyrinths the material world and back to wholeness... over and over again.  

The Tula Stone symbolizes that ubiquitous divine spark.

My intention is to infuse Tula Stone Jewelry with as many divine sparks as possible– even the simple pieces! 

How do I do this? 

I listen to inspiring tunes, thought-provoking interviews or talks, or enjoy golden, meditative silence while I work. I also do mindful breathing exercises, mantras, and other contemplative practices while making jewelry. Meditation is a daily practice for me.

For a creative introvert who enjoys space to introspect and ponder the nature of self and the mysteries of the universe, jewelry fabrication is a perfect way to make a living. It gives me time and space for contemplation while stimulating my inner problem-solving nerd, and allows me to get messy and create, which is just plain fun. 

Play provides a perfect container through which the universe's wisdom can be channeled, and play is what I consider jewelry-making to be.

My inspiration comes from nature, which never ceases to provide compelling insights and ideas, and from the exciting and boundless frontier of expanding human consciousness and spirituality.

My mission is to make meaningful jewelry that fosters the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and creative problem-solving and to seek a deeper and deeper understanding of myself, others, and the world around me. 

When we can embody higher and higher versions of ourselves, we can, from those higher places, create a more conscious, compassionate world together.

So, while I am a loner in many ways, I also understand that, as awakening beings devoted to cultivating peace, truth, wisdom, and higher levels of consciousness, we need each other! (And, like most introverts, if our interests converge, then we’ll have a lot to talk about! I may not be able to stop. 🙂)

Check out my blog if you resonate with any of this. 

If you just want to wear fabulous jewelry made with intention and craftsmanship in the spirit of illuminated fun, that’s great too! 

No matter what, I wish you all the best on your earth-life journey.

May you discover the divine spark within yourself and stoke it up!