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Tula Stone Jewelry

Small Spiral Earrings

Small Spiral Earrings

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These spiral threader earrings are part of our minimalist geometric earrings collection. They are one of our best sellers, and are also available in a larger size! Hand-shaped with 18 gauge wire (slightly thicker than standard ear wires), lightweight, stylish, and go-with-everything! And they're available in sterling, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose-gold filled metals. Earrings measure approximately 3/4" X 1 1/8"

Spirals are prevalent in nature's beauty. We see them in spiral galaxies, fern fronds, and pine cones, ammonite fossils, and nautilus shells, to name just a few. These earrings are representative of the vibrational frequency that creates these beautiful spiral forms. 

The spiral is also representative of nature's cycles of evolution and rebirth. Each time we experience something that brings greater understanding, we reach a new level on the spiral of our life. These earrings are gentle reminders that every experience has something valuable to offer.

These earrings are available in a larger size here.

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Care Instructions

Clean with mild soap and a soft, cotton cloth to dry, or polish with a jewelry polishing cloth. For blackened pieces, just use a soft cotton cloth to buff so patina is not removed.

Store in an airtight zippy bag or container when not in use to prevent tarnishing over time.

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